The Boot to production task status shows failed in the console. Windows fails to load in the client.


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The Boot to production task status shows failed in the console,  The client did reboot. However,  the client has not completed the process to boot back in to windows.  The system has stopped in mini steup or loading windows.

Note: The Boot to production did work, the client was rebooted. It has not reported the task is complete. It eventually reports the task failed / timeout . The Symantec agent can’t report the "boot to production task completed,  because the client has not booted / loaded windows or the Symantec agents.

  The boot to production task never reports back that it is complete and the task shows failed. The client has not completed the boot to Windows and the Symantec Agent has not started and is unable to report the status complete for the boot to production task.


There could be sever thing that cause this system not to boot to Production you will need to get and view the setuperr.log from the client to determine the error. You can look for the following errors
1- There could be bad or wrong windows drivers so the system can’t load windows.
2- There could be errors or issues with the unattend file.

3-  The drive may have not been formated correct and windows installed on a incrorrect drive (Check Driver fomat)


Deploying a Scripted OS install or a Image to a system.


Check the setuperr.log to determine why the system is not loading into windows.
This is in the Windows panther folder.

Review errors in the setuperr.log  file and forward this to support for their review 
All so Zip up the panther fodler,  send all files and logs from the Windows panther folder to support.