Management Server Error appears while distributing patches


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


Symantec Management Server Error page appears when distributing patches

  • Open the Console click Actions > Software > Patch Remediation Center.
  • Highlight the Software Bulletin > Right > Distribute Packages.
  • A popup window with 'Symantec Management Server Error' will appear.

This often happens after the upgrade to Patch Management Solution 8.1 while staging new Patch Management Packages and creating new Policies.

Web Application Error:
Exception of type 'System' was thrown
Resource target is read only: ''Target Name" (target)

Failed to process web request.
Exception of type 'System' was thrown....
Resource target is read only: ''Target Name" (target-GUID)

Target of current user not found. Well be cloned: 'Target Name' (target-GUID)


A custom target is implemented in the Windows Patch Remediation Settings and they are removed during the upgrade to 8.1; this policy requires at least one active Client Filter targeted per HOWTO79488.


Patch Management 8.1


Work through the following remedial steps:

  1. Open the Console > Settings > All Settings > Software > Patch Management > Windows Settings >  Windows Patch Remediation Settings.
  2. Confirm that the target listed is the same as that shown in the error; note the configuration of inclusions/exclusions.
  3. Highlight and delete that custom target by clicking the red X on the toolbar above it.
  4. Click the Apply To and input a new target with the same configuration of inclusions/exclusions as the previous target.

Confirmed the resolution allowed for resource associations to be built during the Software Update Policy wizard creation process to the newly refreshed target.