Control Compliance Suite Docker standard is failing


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


In trying to run the Docker standard it fails to run. Different errors you can receive are when running a CER job or even just a data collection job.

Unable to retrieve list of Assets from ADAM. No Assets were resolved from the directory, either due to insufficient permissions of invalid job definition.


error running "docker ps --quiet"


For the first issue, we currently as of CCS 11.5.2 SCU 2017-1 only support Docker v1.11.x.
For the job to resolve assets the "docker" make sure the version is set correctly. See example screen shot below.

For the second error about running "docker ps --quiet" on the target system please run the following command

sudo usermod -aG docker ccs_svc_acct

Where ccs_svc_acct is the user that is being used for data collection.