Does UFO provide Extended VSAM support?
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Does UFO provide Extended VSAM support?


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Extended VSAM support

We experienced a significant performance issue with our UFO transactions once we changed our files to use Extended VSAM structures.

How is this going to be resolved and is there a published solution from Broadcom? 




Broadcom support has verified Extended VSAM support is functional and available in the current level of UFO. By making a single extent rather than 123 extents you may see a performance improvement 

All the CPU time is in IDA019L1 processing and ICYRDWR processing. Both of these areas are strictly IBM oriented. 

We recommend you open a PMR with IBM and provide them this same information. 

IBM should have some idea of what is happening or they can advise us of any changes that we should make. We have not seen any major letters regarding changes.