Web Security Service Announcement - Deployment - 18 to 28 July 2017


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Web Security Service - WSS


This article announces the service-wide deployment of Web Security Service  Please see below for full details.



Starting 18 July 2017, Symantec will perform a service-wide deployment of the Web Security Service release, completing on 28 July 2017.  During this maintenance event all services will remain operational and available.

Note:  For a list of resolved issues included in the release, please see the release notes.  Please visit the Cloud Dashboard for periodic updates.



The release contains system-wide improvements for stability and performance.  The new features and functionality include:

  • Enhanced default behaviors and configuration options for Office365
  • New security metrics widgets at the top of dashboards
  • Support for IPsec connectivity from Meraki devices
  • Optional blocking of archive file types which fail threat-protection scans due to password requirements

Further details and a full list of features and functionality are found in the release notes.



The maintenance window will run from 18 July 2017 through 28 July 2017.

All maintenance will occur between 18:00 and 08:00 local data center time.  The initial deployment schedule will be posted to the Cloud Dashboard by 14 July 2017.  Please regularly check the Cloud Dashboard for any changes to the deployment schedule.



The following describes what happens to connected clients, depending on access method used:

  • Explicit proxy / Unified Agent / Proxy Forwarding:  The service automatically redirects connections to active data pods within the same data center or geographic location.  This is for information only, and there is no need to take any action.
  • IPsec to multi-pod sites:  A short fail-over delay may occur as the load balancer directs traffic to another active data pod within the data center.  This is for information only, and there is no need to take any action.
  • IPsec to single-pod sites:  As the upgrade occurs, the tunnels drop and reestablish to their secondary location (if configured).  Please check TECH242979 (formerly known as KB4567) to see if the data center to which you are connected is a single pod location.  If your firewall or router is connected to a single pod data center and no backup tunnel is configured, Symantec recommends creating a backup tunnel to another data center with at least two data pods.



This maintenance will be performed on all data pods with the service.  Refer to the Cloud Dashboard for a deployment schedule.  Data pods will be upgraded in rotation, preserving service at each data center at all times.  Single data pod data centers, however, will be down while they are upgraded.



If you experience issues following this maintenance, please contact Technical Support.  Support information is located at http://www.bluecoat.com/support-services or on the main Web Security Service Portal page of https://portal.threatpulse.com/ .

Please visit the Cloud Dashboard for periodic updates and to see other status of the service.