Error: "Cloud Service unreachable due to an account issue" after adding new DLP cloud detector - status remains "Disconnected"


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After enrolling a new Cloud Detection Server (CDS) or Cloud Detector to Enforce, the following Enforce event is recorded:

Event Code 2715 appears on Enforce, "Cloud Service unreachable due to an account issue"


This can occur in a number of circumstances:

  • When adding a second Cloud Detection Server, either a Cloud Email Detector or a Cloud Detector for WSS/CASB, where a previous instance of another Cloud Detector is already enrolled.
  • After migration of the Detector from one Enforce to another Enforce (nota bene - such a move requires assistance from Support to complete).

In some cases, both servers may show as "Connected".

In other cases, either the preexisting or the newer CDS ends up in a "Disconnected" state.

Recycling the SymantecDetectionServerController (aka the Enforce Server MonitorController) may not correct the issue, and the event code keeps recurring even if it does.


Do not delete the Cloud Detection Server from Enforce, as it will not likely fix the issue!

Firstly, confirm if the DetectionServerController needs more memory - as per Monitor Controller performance issues after adding new Detection Servers.


Recycle the service as indicated in that article, and confirm status.

Update: If this recurs frequently, and simply recycling DetectionServerController re-establishes connectivity, there is a fix for this issue: in 15.7 MP1. See the 15.7 MP1 Release Notes (Issue ID 4266003)

In most other cases, this issue requires assistance from Technical Support and Engineering.

Please open a support case and reference this article.