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Web Security Service Announcement - Dashboard Updates 2017


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Web Security Service - WSS


Reporter changes for Web Security Service


Service Announcement

The Web Security Service is pleased to announce planned improvements to the Overview, Content Filtering, Threat Protection and Search Control dashboards. A new widget will be implemented across the top of the dashboard that will provide key security metrics on websites accessed, malware detected, threat websites blocked, websites accessed and potentially malware infected clients. The widget will also provide trend information to quickly see if threat activity is increasing or decreasing. In addition to the new widget, the default widgets in the dashboard have been updated to embrace a greater focus on security risks. There are some minor color, font and chart updates. Here is a sample of what the new dashboard will look like.





The new dashboard updates will appear in the next major Web Security Service release.


Any modifications you have made to your dashboard will not be maintained through this release. If you have customized your existing dashboard, please take note of your existing widgets so you can include them back into the improved dashboard.

The following describes the new capabilities that will be available in the new dashboard:

  • New key security metrics widget located at the top of the dashboards, providing key metrics and trends
  • Minor improvements to dashboard colors and fonts. Support for a new donut chart.
  • New default widgets have been defined for the dashboard.

Customer Actions Required

  • If you have customized your existing dashboard, take note of your existing widgets so you can include them back into the improved dashboard.
  • If you would like to modify or customize the widgets displayed on your new default dashboard after it is released, please select “Add Report” located in the top right corner of the dashboard.  

Service Impact


Reporting Issues

If you experience issues following this capacity expansion, contact Technical Support. Support information is located at or on the main Web Security Service Portal page of