Microsoft Hotfix Update data not reported in Inventory


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Inventory Solution


We call a Windows API to fetch this data. The Windows API uses the class Win32_QuickFixEngineery in WMI to retrieve the data. If WMI does not have data populated in this WMI table, then it returns no data to us.


To test if this data is present on the target system, follow this procedure:
  1. On the affected system, go to Run > wbemtest
  2. Click Connect.
  3. Make sure the Namespace is root\cimv2 and click Connect.
  4. Click Query.
  5. Type or paste the following into the Enter Query window:
    SELECT * FROM Win32_QuickFixEngineering
  6. Click Apply.
  7. Typically it takes time to load the data. Wait a minute or longer until the Done status is shown.
  8. If no data is shown, this is why we have no data reported for this data class.
To resolve the issue, please check with Microsoft or search the Web for the issue where Win32_QuickFixEngineering returns no data.