Endpoint Protection does not show HI "Additional Text notification" when its quarantined from the Advance Threat Protection


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Endpoint Protection


Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) does not show HI "Additional Text notification" when it quarantined from Advanced Threat Protection (ATP).

Test 1:

With SEPM/SEP 14.0 or MP1 with NO ATP:

  1. Created the HI Policy with Antivirus requirement.
  2. Antivirus Signature File date checking
  3. Under Advanced Settings=> Added Additional text for HI Fails and Passes
  4. Updated the SEP Policy correctly

Once the Hi Failed/Passed we can see the Additional Text notification. After that we don't see the notification which is working as designed. Or if we restart
the SMC or restart the computer we see the initial only.

Test 2:

With SEPM/SEP 14.0 with ATP configured.

  1. SEPM is configured with ATP and it shows healthy.
  2. Assign the default HI Policy to the group, where in HI policy only requirement is "Always do Host Integrity checking". And also added the Additional text.
  3. Assign the default Quarantine F/w policy to the same group.
  4. Ran isolate command from ATP which correctly reaches to the SEP Client.
  5. SEP shows quarantine successfully but don't see any Additional text notification.


Working as Designed.


ATP: 2.3.0


Working as 'Designed'.

When SEP moves to quarantine it doesn't show the "Addition text" pop-up, whether from Symantec Network Access Control (SNAC) or ATP.

Addition Text pop-up only happens when computer restarts or when SMC restarts.