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Control Compliance Suite Windows


You have installed a remote CCS Web Console, when you try to launch the console you get the following error : "unable to launch the console".

Unable to launch the console


Since the console uses TCP to communicate with the CCS Application Server any network issues related to high latency, packet loss, packet reordering has a negative impact on the console performance. This behavior is expected as the network issues described above exponentially negatively impact the QoS of a TCP connection. One way to verify this is to run "tracert" to the Application Server from the host where you are installing the console. Pay attention to the number of hops..if you see more than just a few hops latency will begin to creep in. This is an issue with most WAN's and the CCS console.


CCS 11.5.1


Consultation with product stakeholders identified the best solution for slow read times across the WAN to be a remote desktop connection (RDP) into the datacenter to run the console on one of the CCS Core components deployed there.  RDP works much better over slower network connections since the CCS data transfer happens inside the core network with transmission of only the graphical changes required to update the display for the client.

Test results show that in almost all cases a reasonable user experience can be had accessing CCS system data via RDP.  Tests point to RDP as an excellent alternative for all remote users allowing CCS data transmission to occur only on the core network reducing network bandwidth requirements on the WAN.