Support Policy for software updates on Symantec's Messaging, Web Security and Advanced Threat Protection Appliances


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Endpoint Detection and Response Advanced Threat Protection Platform Web Gateway Messaging Gateway


What is the Support Policy for Symantec Messaging Gateway (formerly Symantec Brightmail Gateway) and Symantec Endpoint Detection and Response (formerly Advanced Threat Protection) appliances when a software change is requested?


The following items outline the Symantec Policy for Symantec Messaging Security Appliances and they are valid for all customers:

  • No root access can be enabled or obtained.
  • The installation of any other Symantec/Broadcom software (DLP, SES, DCS) is not supported.
  • The installation of third party software is unsupported.
  • The installation of software diagnostics tools is unsupported.
  • The software will not be installed/supported under non-standard hardware platforms.

NOTE: Non-adherence to these policies will take the appliance out of full support. This is also know as 'best effort' support. If an appliance is not under full support, Symantec can require a customer to restore the appliance to its unmodified state before providing any additional support.