Unable to access Web interface on Reporter 10.x


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- The Reporter web console does not start and you receive an error from the browser - "page cannot be displayed"; however, Reporter is still accessible through CLI via SSH. 

- Cannot access web interface on port 8082

 rpt_10_1-6-x86_64 BCRep[9539]: ss1970=59414406 ALW.ERRO.START sg_task.cpp:1449, master_thread_82c82700,, Failed to find web server IP configuration

rpt_10_1-6-x86_64 BCRep[9539]: ss1970=59414406 ALW.INFO.SHUTD sg_main.cpp:1446, main_93a4b7e0,, ==> REPORTER IS SHUTTING DOWN IMMEDIATELY BECAUSE OF SOME ABNORMAL INTERNAL CONDITION

- Browser display "502 BAD gateway"  accessing Reporter GUI 10.x  



The "Preferences.cfg" file can become corrupted when a non-graceful shutdown occurs, like loss of power to the device. 


Restore the last known good configuration on the Reporter through the CLI.

  1. View the list of archived configuration files that are listed by date (year/month/day/hour/seconds).
    • Reporter# restore-settings automatic list
    • 20170629123052
    • 20170629133052
    • 20170629143052
    • 20170629153052
  2. Stop Reporter before applying the desired configuration file. 
    • Reporter# stop-reporter
  3. Apply the desired archive configuration file.
    • Reporter# restore-settings automatic 20170703123052
    • Are you sure you want to replace your current settings with those from set 20170703123052? [y/N]
  4. Restart Reporter.
    • Reporter# start-reporter


To list any manual backup made on the device, run "restore-settings manual list"  then "restore-settings manual <file>"