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Getting errors downloading updates following PMImport 7.2.52


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


Import Patch Data for Windows (PMImport / MetaData Import Task) 7.2.52 downloaded; opened Patch Remediation Center, highlighted a recent Software Bulletin, right-click > Distribute, and the process fails to download new Software Updates with errors.

Input string was not in a correct format.
   [System.FormatException @ mscorlib]
   at System.Number.StringToNumber(String str, NumberStyles options, NumberBuffer& number, NumberFormatInfo info, Boolean parseDecimal)
   at System.Number.ParseInt32(String s, NumberStyles style, NumberFormatInfo info)
   at System.Array.ConvertAll[TInput,TOutput](TInput[] array, Converter`2 converter)
   at Altiris.PatchManagementCore.Tasks.Server.DownloadSWUPackageTask.GetSupportedCulturesLCID()
   at Altiris.PatchManagementCore.Tasks.Server.DownloadSWUPackageTask.DownloadPackage(PatchSoftwareUpdateResource softwareUpdate, OperationProgressIterator progress)
   at Altiris.PatchManagementCore.Tasks.Server.DownloadSWUPackageTask.DownloadUpdate(PatchSoftwareUpdateResource pSoftwareUpdate, OperationProgressIterator progress)



Confirmed PMImport 7.2.52 initially converted with corruption when uploaded to for download.


Patch Management 7.5.x, 7.6.x and 8.x


Run PMImport on Schedule or Now to resolve this issue:

Open Console > Home > Patch Management > Windows > Settings > MetaData Import Task:

Note: The version 7.2.52 remained the same following the implemented fix.