We issue a SHOW SAFDEF command in ACF2 but not all entries have a name. Why not?


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The identifier in the first column of the SHOW SAFDEF output is blank for several entries.

Where does this information come from and can the records be changed to display an identifier?


Release: ACF2..001AO-16-ACF2


The identifier in the SHOW SAFDEF display comes from the ID(name) keyword in the SAFDEF record definition. Issue a LIST LIKE(SAFDEF-) MSYS(-) to list all the user-defined SAFDEF records on the INFOSTG database. Note which ones do not have the ID keyword. You should ensure that the ID specified is meaningful and provides insight on the purpose of that SAFDEF record.


set c(gso)       
list like(safdef-) msys(-)  
  • search the listed records for those records that do not have an ID keyword
    change safdef.opercmds id(opercmdx)
    refresh safdef

This example lists all the user-defined SAFDEFs, allowing the user to search for any that do not have an ID keyword. One record, SAFDEF.OPERCMDS, was defined to override the ACF2-provided OPERCMDS SAFDEF. It was inserted without an ID. The record is modified by the CHANGE command to add the ID of OPERCMDX. The ID could have been anything else that is meaningful to the user viewing these records.