Reporter 10.x Web User Interface does not launch.


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In situation where Reporter Web User Interface (UI) does not launch, but SSH access still works, then it is a good indication that the "Preferences.cfg" file is corrupted.  You can resolve this issue by restoring Reporter with the last known good configuration.  

The error messages from Reporter BC Journal  tells us that the system was shutdown abruptly, which cause corruption to the "Preferences.cfg" file and therefore, reporter could not bind properly to start the Web UI. 

rpt_10_1-6-x86_64 BCRep[9539]: ss1970=59414406 ALW.INFO.SHUTD sg_main.cpp:1446, main_93a4b7e0,, ==> REPORTER IS SHUTTING DOWN IMMEDIATELY BECAUSE OF SOME ABNORMAL INTERNAL CONDITION

rpt_10_1-6-x86_64 BCRep[9539]: ss1970=59414406 ALW.ERRO.START sg_task.cpp:1449, master_thread_82c82700,, Failed to find web server IP configuration



Non graceful reboot such as sudden lost of power can cause the "Perferences.cfg" file to be corrupted and that could cause then WEB UI failure to launch. 


Here are the steps to restore last known good configuration file.

1. View the list of archived configuration that is listed by date (year/month/day/hour/seconds), record the number that will be restored.
Reporter# restore-settings automatic

2. Stop Reporter before apply the desire configuration file
Reporter# stop-reporter

3.  Apply the desire archived configuration file
Reporter# restore-settings automatic [configuration number collected from step 1]

4. Restart Reporter.
Reporter# start-reporter