GSS 3.x - Unable to Boot to Automation


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Ghost Solution Suite


The PC intended to be imaged will not boot into the automation environment (i.e. WinPE 10) and instead returns to its production operating system (i.e. Windows 10).


The hard drive with the production OS is being accessed before the intended boot medium.


  • Reorder the PC's 'boot order' in the BIOS/EFI menu.
  • This procedure is different for many computers.
  • When a computer is turned on there is typically instructions on the screen how to get into the BIOS/EFI.
  • You may need to google how to boot into your specific computer's BIOS/EFI.
  1. Boot your computer to the BIOS/EFI screen
  2. Find the Boot order (sequence)
  3. Set the boot order to your desired bootable media
    1. Example: USB>CD/DVD>Network Card>Hard Drive (setting the hard drive last will make the computer check all bootable media)