Email blocked by Anti-Malware - Exploit/SpearPhish


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One of your users has been sent an email and it has been blocked by the Anti-Malware service.

Email blocked by Anti-Malware - Exploit/SpearPhish

Spear Phishing definition

This is an email-spoofing attack that targets specific organization or individual users seeking to gain access to sensitive information by requesting information such as login IDs and passwords. The email will typically appear to come from someone you know by spoofing the sender, as you may be less vigilant and give them the information they ask for. e.g. email coming from Human Resources department or Technical Support department.




The email has been detected by our Anti-malware service and believe this is a reinitiate email (false positive) detected as malware. Please follow the steps on How to release a quarantined email intercepted by Anti-Malware service.

If the sender is meant to send mail on your behalf, please contact our technical support team to investigate this further.