Policy Strength


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While viewing the SEP SBE cloud management portal policy tab, you notice a new field named Policy Strength. The new field includes Strong, Moderate and Weak. Should you find that a policy is marked less than strong you can use this field to determine why the policy is classified the way it is. As you hover over each field you will see, at a glance, the explanation for the classification of that policy.


A policy defines the main settings that apply to a group. The new Policy Strength setting is there to help administrators identify how altering a policy effects the overall strength and effectiveness of the agents it’s assigned to.  Disabling components will lower the overall security posture of the policy.


It is recommended that before you apply a policy to a group you determine if it meets the security requirements for that group. Creating customized firewall rules or exclusions will not lower the security posture of the policy and Symantec would recommend starting with those steps first. Disabling components may become necessary, in certain circumstances, to properly balance security and availability for specific software.