Control Compliance Suite - Domain cache temp files showing up in the CCS directory


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


A lot of domain cache temp files are collecting and being left behind in the following folder on the Control Compliance Suite (CCS) Manager(s).

Due to the size and number of files they can take up quite a bit of space.


Suspected activities: Operating file system journaling/indexing or Anti-virus live scanning might be coinciding with our file creation timeline and opening handles for some time. File was open for more than few seconds barring file's deletion. 


At this time you can manually delete these files safely.
Development is working on placing these temp files in a new folder to make deleting them easier, and prevent accidentally deleting files that are required by CCS.
The folder will be located in the following location on the CCS Manager(s).

Look for this fix in a the Security Content Update (SCU) 2017-2, which is scheduled for release the end of 3rd quarter of 2017.