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An application is being blocked


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Symantec Products


You have an application being blocked by the Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition cloud (SEP SBE) client software.


Applications may be blocked by the various components of the SEP SBE client and will need to be allowed by manipulating the Endpoint Protection Policy that is applied to the group where the computer running the application resides.


When attempting to run an application you see a notification above the system tray and in the client history stating that the application was blocked.


Open the SEP SBE cloud management portal go to the Policies tab, open the Endpoint Protection Policy that is associated to the computer where the issue occurred.

  1. Go to the Network Protection section of the policy
  2. Select Program Control
  3. Click the Add Discovered Programs button
  4. Look through the listed applications or use the search option to find the executable that was blocked
  5. Place a checkmark next to the application(s) that relate to the block and click OK
  6. At the top or bottom of the policy click the Save & Apply button

After the policy has been dispersed to the clients test the application.

NOTE: If you still experience blocks after adding the application through Program Control the application may have specific requirements for its exclusions from scans done by anti-virus software.

Do a search for the required application exclusion by opening a browser and searching: "Vendor Name" "Applcation Name" followed by "Required Exclusions" (exclude quotation marks)

When you find the applications required exclusions you may need to add custom exclusions and/or firewall rules.

How to add:

Custom Exclusions

Firewall Rules