Clients information does not update in Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) with Active Directory (AD) Sync


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Endpoint Protection


Clients having 400-500 characters as a computer description set in active directory.
SEPM is set to AD sync, clients does not update information to the SEPM.

No errors are displayed. The AD sync is not successful

Symptoms observed:

1. Set description field of the client to more than 256 characters
2. Move this client to another Organizational Unit (OU)
3. The change in OU is not synchronized to the SEPM.
4. If the description field in AD for the same client is reduced to 256 characters or less, then the change is synchronized in SEPM .


This is working as design.

If SEPM is set with AD sync, the computer description field in AD must be restricted to less than 256 characters.

This will allow the client information to sync with SEPM.