Installation or Reconfigure is failing to create schedule tasks and items associated with scheduled tasks


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IT Management Suite


The installation or reconfigure completes, but shared schedules are missing and purging maintenance won't load. 

During the configuration the following error will repeat in the logs for each scheduled task it tries to create: 

Unable to create Scheduled Task: NS.Task_Name {GUID.EN_US} 

Access is Denied



Even if if you are able to create scheduled tasks manually while logged in as the App ID, we can still access denied messages during reconfiguration if it does not have proper permissiosn on C:\Windows\Tasks. Use the following command to give the built in adminisitrator group full control over the tasks directory.

CACLS C:\Windows\TASKS /E /G builtin\administrators:F

Check that Administrators have full control on the tasks folder and then run the reconfigure again.