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How do I allow users to Create Projects from Templates that are part of a Specific OBS?


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How do I allow users to create projects from templates that are part of a specific OBS?



Applies to all supported PAS environments for specified releases.


For multiple users, you can create a group and then add the needed rights to the group using the below steps:

1. Create the new group and add the applicable resources to the group 
2. Click on the group and from the 'Group's Access Rights' tab, select 'Global' 
3. Click 'Add' and the 'Project - Create from Template' right 
4. From the 'Group's Access Rights' tab, select 'OBS Unit' 
5. Filter for access right 'Project - View' and check the check box next to this right
6. Click 'Add and Continue'
7. Select the OBS the users should have rights to create templates from and click 'Add'

Now, when the user in this group goes to Home->Projects, they will see a 'New from Template' button. When they click on this button, they will only see projects that are part of OBS the access was granted for. 

Note: To grant the rights to a specific user instead, you can go to Administration->Resources, click on the Resource and grant the rights there from the 'Resource's Access Rights' tab.