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After installing Endpoint Encryption on various HP computers about 1% to 2% fail to load Windows


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Endpoint Encryption


New install of SEE 11.1.1 MP1 with AutoLogon.
Previous encryption product was McAfee version
Use Altiris 7.6 to install the SEE client, suppress the reboot and install the Auto Logon utility.
The computer then reboots and starts the encryption.
After the encryption is complete the computer does successfully reboot and the Auto Logon utility works and Windows loads.
Then sometime later, a week to a month or so, after a subsequent reboot, the Auto Logon bypasses the Pre-Boot Authentication screen but Windows never loads, just a blank screen.
The computers have been rebooted several times since encryption has completed before this issue manifests itself.

WinPE says it decrypted the drive but the disk is unreadable. 
After decrypting with WinPE the disk shows as RAW in Windows Disk Manager.
The same WinPE disk works on a computer not affected by this issue.
The Opal2 USB utility decryption finished with the message "No record found.  Press any key to reboot".
Slaved the drive to another computer with the SEE agent installed (not supported in SEE) and the eedadmincli -–status –-disk 1 returns the following:
Operation disk status failed:
Error code -11984: PGPClientError #-11984

The –-recover command fails with the message:
Could not locate valid BGFS record
Recovery failed!
Operation recover disk failed:
Error code -11984: PGPClientError #-11984

The eedadmincli --auth-disk --disk 0 --au SeeAdmin --ap <password> returns the following:
The disk structure is corrupt and unreadable.

--fixmbr does not resolve this.
DiskProbe fails to read the disk saying “No Active Handle”.

Cannot recover any data from the drives once they are in this state.


SEE Version Tested: 11.1.1 MP1
SEE Version Affected: 11.1.1 MP1
The computers are various models of HP laptops all running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.
All the computers use legacy BIOS.
HP 6460 B
HP 6470 B
HP 640 G1
HP 840 G3

The computers have a mix of spindle drives (HDD), 2.5 SATA SSD and M.2 SSD drives.


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