Unable to log in to SSH or Management Console after disassociating user data from SGOS on AWS


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ProxySG Software - SGOS SWG VA-100


After you disassociate user data from the virtual SGOS instance in Amazon Web Services (AWS), the following issues occur:

  • You cannot log in via SSH using the expected username/password
  • You cannot log in to the ProxySG Management Console using the expected username/password
  • The enable password is not set to the expected value in AWS


You attempted to disassociate the current user data by clearing the contents of the User Data field in the EC2 Dashboard. This caused the instance to revert to the user data that was associated with the instance when it was first launched.



  • Blue Coat ProxySG virtual appliance (Secure Web Gateway edition) running on Xen Hypervisor in AWS


To disassociate user data:

  1. In the EC2 Dashboard, stop the instance. In the Instances list, select an instance and right click. On the menu, select Instance State > Stop.
  2. Verify the instance state. In the Instance State column, look for a red icon and the status "stopped".
  3. Select the instance again and right click. On the menu, select Instance Settings > View/Change User Data.
  4. On the dialog that appears, replace the contents of the User Data field with two sets of quotation marks, as follows: ""
  5. Click Save to save your changes.
  6. Restart the instance. Select the instance again and right click. On the menu, select Instance State > Start.

Note: These instructions supersede the SGOS on AWS Deployment Guide in the virtual appliance package posted in Symantec downloads. For an updated version of the deployment guide, refer to:

For details on changing user data, refer to AWS documentation:

For details on changing usernames and passwords in SGOS, refer to the SGOS Administration Guide and the Command Line Interface Reference: