ClientNet portal user permissions for Anti-Spam administrator


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You want information on the required "User Roles" for a portal user to have access to administrate your domains' anti-spam settings, email quarantine settings, run anti-spam reports and spam analysis tool in the Management Portal.


Symantec.Cloud Management Portal


To create another user profile, the portal account creating the user profile must have user admin permissions enabled.

If the user has full access then the user has this access by default. Otherwise, access can be added by selecting the Service user role and then selecting one or more of the services that you wish the user to access. Among them: Email Quarantine.

To assign a standard role to a user:

  1. Select Administration > User Management.
  2. Select an existing user to allocate a role for (or create a new user).
  3. Click the User roles tab.
  4. Click Use Standard role > Service
  5. Select Anti-Spam and Email Quarantine
  6. Click Add role.
    The role is listed in the User roles tab.

Email Quarantine

View Configuration
View Statistics
Edit Configuration

This will give the portal user access to administrate ALL of the domains by default. If there is a need to give the user account access on a per domain basis, the specific role(s) can be edit by clicking on View under the User Roles tab.

To apply the permission to:

  • All domains, select All domains.
  • Selected domains, select All selected domains, select the domain(s) to apply the role to, and click Add to list.
    In some circumstances it is useful to exclude domains from the selected domains list. To do so, select the domain(s) to exclude from the role and select All except selected domains
  • Click Append Role