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Resolving "B049 PARAMETER IGNORED" compiler error


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PanAudit Plus Easytrieve Report Generator PAN/SQL


Receiving this compiler error:

993 FILE RPTWRK2 F(730 13870) 

993 *******B049 PARAMETER IGNORED - 13870 

Please advise how to resolve it.


Release: EDBMSU00200-6.4-Easytrieve-Report Generator-Option for DB2-MSU


In order to code the second parameter on the FILE statement, you have to code "FB" instead of "F" for the Record Format. 

Resolved the compiler error by making the following coding changes:
    FILE RPTWRK1 FB(730 27740) 
    FILE RPTWRK2 FB(730 27740) 


Additional Information

The second parameter, the optional block-length parameter, is documented on page 122 of the Language Reference Guide for release 11.6: