PacketShaper's host list data vanished when modify host list data from SkyUI.


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PacketShaper S-Series


  • Editing host list from SkyUI of Host list editor.
  • An error occur because the add list is wrong format.
  • Ignore the error and move or close your web browser. 

Sample of error message.

"Host name is not a fully-qualified domain name or dotted-decimal address, or is an invalid subnet range or address range format"


The SkyUI of Host list editor behave following step when modify the Host list.

  1. Remove all defined list.
  2. Add existing list and new modified list

All defined hosts may vanish by existing host list editor specification in following condition.
In condition of the Host list editor can't add host list by error and administrator move or close the editing web page before correct the error.


  • PacketShaper Legacy
  • PacketShaper-S series


Administrator need make sure

  • Take a backup
  • Correct error if error is occur before close or move editing web browser page.
  • Edit host list from advanced UI