Upgrade Management Center without local web server


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Management Center


You want to upgrade Management center and do not have a local web server. 


You can upload Management Center (MC)  "bcsi" image to itself to perform the upgrade.  Here are the steps:

  1. Download Management Center system image ".bcsi".  You will need a Symantec account to download this system image.  
  2. Upload the system image to MC. 
    • Go to Configuration->Files->Select Add Files->Upload the system image ".bcsi"
  3. Copy the image path and you will notice the path is HTTPS and the port is 8082 as shown below.
    • Go to MC UI->Configuration->Files->highlight the target image-> Select Copy URL.
    • EX: https://<MC-ip-address or hostname>:8082/fs/download/cbe38597a0aa4bb3950826cf4ab18063
  4. Modify the path to be HTTP and port 8080 because MC can only pull the image over HTTP, then copy it. 
    • http://<MC-ip-address or hostname>:8080/fs/download/cbe38597a0aa4bb3950826cf4ab18063
  5. Enable HTTP security access for port 8080, which is disabled by default. This is needed to permit MC to access itself using HTTP protocol and port 8080.
  6. Management Center> en
    • Management Center# security http enable
    • HTTP access enable
    • Management Center# http-proxy disable
  7. Disable proxy setting - Temporarily turn off proxy setting.
    • Management Center# http-proxy disable
  8. Install system image
    • Management Center# installed-systems add
    • Enter server username (optional):
      Download URL:
      Downloaded bytes:   498759673
      System image already installed
  9. Restart MC
    • Management Center# restart reboot