Error occurred while creating ADHOC reports


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Jaspersoft Ad Hoc Views

When trying to create a new Jaspersoft Ad Hoc View, not all out of the box Domains can be selected, for some Domains an onscreen error shows up:

"An error occurred while performing the previous request"


Clarity Release 15.9.1


This is due to a corruption of the default Domains. In order to restore the Domains the Domain restore job can be run to recover from the adhoc report creation situation.


In older versions the following command can be run from the Clarity server:

admin content-jaspersoft csk restoreDomains -userName superuser -password <superuser-password>

1.  Replaces all the OOTB domains which are under ca ppm/domains folder

2.  It updates the schema name of all the OOTB domains to map to the correct schema name

3.  It runs the dynamic domain updates to add DWH enabled custom attribute to the domains.

Additional Information

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