Agent installation may roll back on some systems running on Windows Operating Systems


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Embedded Security Critical System Protection


On some Windows Operating Systems, the agent installation process may roll back and report the following error message in the SISAgentSetup.log.txt file:

Note: The SISAgentSetup.log.txt file is located in the %TEMP% folder of your computer. For example, C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp\SISAgentSetup.log.txt


EFAINST_TRACE [00:37:00:046]: --> Starting Validate...
EFAINST_TRACE [00:37:00:046]: Validate (46) - Initializing verify trust...
EFAINST_TRACE [00:37:00:046]: Validate (63) - Verifying file path...
EFAINST_TRACE [00:37:15:109]: Validate (68) - Couldn't successfully validate 
C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec Embedded Security\Agent\IPS\bin\EFAInst.exe.  
ccVTErrorType = 3
EFAINST_TRACE [00:37:15:109]: <-- Validate ended
EFAINST_TRACE [00:37:15:125]: <-- ExecuteCustomActionProperty ended
EFAINST_TRACE [00:37:15:125]: <-- ExecuteDeferredAction ended
Action ended 0:37:15: InstallExecute. Return value 3



As a workaround, perform the following actions:

  1. Download rootsupd.exe and run it.
    The zipped version of the rootsupd.exe utility available at the time of publication of this article has been attached for your reference.
    Note: If Microsoft has relased updates on the rootsupd.exe utility after the publication of this article, those updates are not available on the attached utility. If you want to download the utility with the latest Microsoft updates, visit the Microsoft Support site.
  2. Perform the agent installation again.

Relevant details

  • Affected operating systems: Multiple Windows operating systems. 
  • Affected Symantec Embedded Security: Critical System Protection product versions: Multiple product versions.  

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