Initiate a PC Download for MSGCLASS Data from CA Dispatch


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CA Dispatch Output Mgmt


Is it possible to download MSGCLASS Data from CA Dispatch to a  PC?


Release: DISPAX00200-11.7-Dispatch


In order to do a PC download of anything from CA Dispatch, a download request must first be built.


CA Dispatch will only build “AUTOMATED” download request for REPORTS. There is no option in CA Dispatch to build an AUTOMATED download request for MSGCLASS data.


Regarding building a manual or “SELECTIVE” PC download request, upon logging on to CA Dispatch and going into online viewing via option B.3 and selecting a REPORT, you will notice that the VOVMI320-4 screen contains a “X2 Request PC Download” option. This is the option used to build a manual or "SELECTIVE" PC download request for a REPORT.


This same option is NOT available when a user goes into online viewing via option B.2 and is viewing MSGCLASS data on the VOVMI102 screen. Hance, CA Dispatch does not provide a mechanism for creating manual or selective download requests for MSGCLASS data.


Consequently, the only way a user could get a PC download request built for MSGCLASS data is to have that data processed through Dispatch as an "REPORT”.