INTEL-SA-00075 failed to install with exit code 1


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


In Patch Management the INTEL-SA-00075 bulletin addresses an Intel AMT/ISM/SBT/vPro vulnerability by disabling LMS, micro LMS, and UNS services (it does not provide AMT firmware updates). In some situations INTEL-SA-00075 failed install with exit code 1.


Failed to apply software update [INTEL-SA-00075]


This Software Bulletin was provided as an immediate response until Intel and other OEM vendors released a fix to resolve this issue. This security tool did not account for a large number of endpoints with custom configurations and this resulted in many systems unable to install as detailed in the description above.


Patch Management 7.5.x, 7.6.x and 8.x


This security tool which disabled Intel’s AMT capabilities associated with the vPro vulnerability managed in Software Bulletin: INTEL-SA-00075 was removed from Patch Management Solution on 7/19/2017.