Modify Configuration task does not consistently rename the PC


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Ghost Solution Suite


A Modify Configuration task has been run against a PC, and should rename the PC, but it does not always work. If it fails, the same task can be run again and it will probably succeed. The job always indicates that it succeeded in the console.


Look in the netsetup log file:


Compare the log entries generated by a successful test against an unsuccessful test. 


NetpChangeMachineName: status of connecting to  dc '\\DC06': 0x0
Compared to:

NetpChangeMachineName: status of connecting to  dc '\\DC07': 0x0
The netsetup log lists which DC it is contacting, if it is contacting different Domain Controllers and getting different results, the job will not work consistently in the console


Different Domain Controllers were responding to the successful request compared to the failed request. This indicates a network problem which needs to be resolved before Ghost can work properly.