Certificate invalid when installing a Control Compliance Suite Manager


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


During installation of a Control Compliance Suite Manager (CCS Manager) an error is returned that the certificate is invalid

Certificate is invalid


Windows 2008 through Windows 2012R2


In the Certificate Management Console verify that the netbios name and FQDN name are both accurate and shows the correct IP address for the Control Compliance Suite (CCS) Manager. If these are not correct the certificate that is created will be invalid which will caus the problem on the CCS Manager.

After entering the "NetBIOS Name:" clicking browse or in one of the other fields should cause "FQDN:" and "IP Address:" fields to autopopulate. 
If what is found in DNS or in the local hosts file is incorrect then these fields will populate incorrectly

Check DNS for shortname resolution, FQDN resolution and reverse IP resolution e.g.

Make sure that everything returns correctly.

Also check the local C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file for any invalid entries.

Once the FQDN auto populates from the shortname in Certifciate Management Console, the Control Compliance Suite (CCS) Manager should use the certificate without further errors.