Redirect to logon page when releasing email from summary notification


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A user has tried to release a quarantined email, but is directed to the Email Quarantine logon page.


The user's Email Quarantine account may have been deleted. The user can still have an active summary notification in their inbox. If a release link is clicked, Email Quarantine detects that there is no such account and redirects them to the logon page.


  • Symantec Email
  • Email Quarantine


To add quarantine user accounts:

  1. Click the Manage Accounts icon on the left-side menu.
  2. In the Accounts box, type or paste users' email addresses.You can enter up to 300 addresses at once.
  3. Select the appropriate check box to send a welcome message on account creation and enable notification messages for created accounts.
  4. Click Add Account. If you added a arge number of addresses, expect processing to take some time.

Note: A quarantine administrator can only create accounts within a domain they have been assigned as the administrator.