ITMS and CCS Integration - Bulletin ID Not Found failure


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Control Compliance Suite Assessment Manager Control Compliance Suite Vulnerability Manager Patch Management Solution for Windows Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)


When CCS finds a system is out of compliance, it can create a ticket for the machine to be patched.  What happens if the vendor or product is unknown in the ITMS system?


Control Compliance Suite is able to detect and report on a wide variety of software updates. Patch Management is only able to patch those that are currently configured and staged. If Patch Management is missing a bulletin, due to not knowing the product or vendor, it will be unable to install it. The integration component will enter a comment into the ticket that the Bulletin ID is not found, and mark the ticket as failed. Manual intervention will be required to remediate the missing software. This can include manually staging the patch, if available in Patch Management, or using ITMS Software Management to push the software out to the clients.