Current Software Updates fail with Exit Code: -1073741819


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


Current Software Updates fail with Exit Code: -1073741819 on targeted Clients.

No interactive session to start interactive task

Advertisement {UPDATE GUID} completed status (5) exit code (-1073741819) 

Deployment failed. Process execution completed with code 3221225477 (0xC0000005) - 'Error 0xC0000005 (No description available)'


Confirmed the Task Scheduler service was disabled or not started with Manual configuration.

The recent changes presented in PMImport 7.2.x has implemented the dependency of this service when running the Software Update Cycle and hooks into the Client's ability to run automated tasks and restart at the end of the cycle.

The Task Scheduler service is detailed on Microsoft's TechNet: The Task Scheduler service enables you to perform automated tasks on a computer. With this service, you can schedule any program to run at any time or when a specific event occurs. The Task Scheduler monitors the time or event criteria that you choose and then executes the task when those criteria are met.



Patch Management Solution 7.5.x, 7.6.x and 8.x 


Review the following remedial steps:

  1. RDP to the targeted Client:
    • Open the Start > Server Manager > Tools > Services (or Server Manager > Configuration > Services)
      • Right-click > Properties on Task Scheduler service
      • Configure to run Automatic and Start the service
    • (Optional): Open the Start > Regedit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Schedule
      • If the value is set to 4 it will be disabled: Ensure the value of the DWORD named Start is set to 2
      • Restart the Client for changes to take effect 
  2. This error has also been seen when McAfee antivirus was blocking the Task Scheduler service on the Client:
    • Whitelisted the Task Scheduler service

Note: The Task Scheduler service must be configured as outlined above for the Client to run the Software Update Cycle. However, in cases of disabling this service to harden the Clients; create a custom Task Job on the Console to run a custom script on the targeted Clients which will start that service at the beginning of the Software Update Cycle window and then disable the service at the close of that window.