GSS 3.x - Remote PXE Servers installed under specific Account - unable to uninstall using different account


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Ghost Solution Suite


When pushing new remote PXE Server installation, it's highly recommended to create and use new specific account for Ghost Solution Suite (for example GSSAdmin) which would have no expiration and will be shared amongst GSS Administrators.

Possible situation might happen, when using specific Person/Administrator account, and this person is either on leave or left a company, thus his account is no longer valid/available - you would not be able to uninstall remote PXE server installation.

Unable to see PXE Server in "Programs and Features" - thus not being able to uninstall it.


Currently PXE Server is installed for specific user only.

Engineering is planning to add function to have PXE to be installed for all Accounts during installation in future versions.


GSS 3.0, 3.1


1. Copy the 3 folders to the new user's %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Installer folder.  This simply provides icons for the add/remove programs application list.
2. Identify the current user's SID by running "whoami /user" from a command prompt.  For example: S-1-5-21-1177379714-4282113776-3519637741-1004
3. Make a copy of AddNewUser.reg file (from KB Attachment) and edit it.  Replace all occurrences of <User SID> with the SID you find in step 2 and save the file.
4. Copy the newly modified .reg file to the user's desktop.  As long as it has a .reg extenion you can simply double click on it to have Windows automatically
insert the appropriate registry settings.  Alternately, you can open RegEdit and choose to import the .reg file.
5. Find the pxe.msi laid down during the initial install in the C:\windows\installer folder.  Unfortunately it will be renamed to a random name, but it is roughly 14Mb in size and if you right click on it you can view its properties.  The Subject property should show "Altiris PXE Server".  Copy this file to c:\windows\temp and rename it to be pxe.msi.
6. You may have to add the "Users" group to the pxe.msi security tab.
7. Now when you get the prompt saying it can't find the msi in the original installer folder you can give it C:\Windows\Temp\ and it should find the PXE.MSI file and let you uninstall.

Now you should be able to open Add/Remove programs from the control panel and see the "Altiris PXE Server" and be able to uninstall.

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