Administrator notifications causes unintended Policy Based Encryption redirects


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Symantec Email customer with Policy Based Encryption add-on service has erroneously configured an admin notification to be sent along with the corresponding Data Protection policy that is triggered.

By erroneous, it means that the one or more policies are set to notify the configured administrator for that Data Protection policy, but the policy is defined to use an administrator address that is intended for re-direction to our encryption partners Echoworx or Zix. When this happens, the system is receiving the notification as a message to be processed. As this is not a message that should be processed for encryption, the system is dropping these messages to avoid triggering message loops. 

No error or NDR (Non-Delivery Report) is generated, invalid admin notification messages are silently dropped. 


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To disable erroneous Admin notification on data protection policy

  1. Select Services > Data Protection > Email Policies.
  2. Click the name of the policy that you want to edit.
  3. The details of the policy are displayed.
  4. Make the required changes for the notifications details: click on Edit beside Notification and uncheck Notify Administrator(s) 
  5. Click Edit to save the changes

Note: If the Notify Administrator(s) check box is grayed out select Use custom notification which should then allow you to uncheck Notify administrator(s).