CA Directory : Warning: cid xxxxx has been reused as cid yyyyy
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CA Directory : Warning: cid xxxxx has been reused as cid yyyyy


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CA Directory


In CA Directory DSA WARN log you might see following (example) messages that may raise a concern.


WARN : cid 11111 has been reused as cid 11112

WARN : cid 11120 has been reused as cid 11121

WARN : cid 22222 has been reused as cid 22228

WARN : cid 34345 has been reused as cid 34359


Release: ETRDIR99000-12.5-Directory


Each socket based file descriptor in the DSA has an associated context. This context contains a whole bunch of information pertaining to the connection. 

Each context contains a unique identifier called the context id (cid). The warning is a byproduct of the DSA being multi-threaded and the DSA reducing the amount of lock contention by removing unnecessary locking in highly concurrent areas of code. 

This particular message of your interest will occur in the following scenario. 

* A client has disconnected while the DSA was in the process of sending an unbind confirm 

* The connection was closed and re-opened between when the above send went down the wire and before the code performing the send completed 


This is completely normal. 

The warning has remained in the code in the event that a problem occurs around this area of code, to provide information should a threading-related anomaly arise. These kinds of issues are difficult to reproduce and normally don't present when tracing is increased to capture them. 

Having said that, we haven't had any issues in this area of code for a number of years now so the warning can be considered as benign and can safely be ignored.