Restricting Access by Time of Day (Time Policy)


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


When the default proxy policy is set to allow, the following example illustrates how to restrict access to sports during core business hours.

In this example, access to sports is only allowed between noon and 1 pm, and then between 7 pm and midnight. 


1. Select the Configuration > Policy > Policy Options tab.

2. Verify that the Default Proxy Policy option is set to Allow.     3. Access the VPM (Configuration > Policy > Visual Policy Manager).     4. Add a rule in a Web Access Layer:
  • In the Destination column, right click and select Set. The Set Destination Object dialog displays.
  • In the Set Destination Object dialog, click New > Request URL Category. The Add Request URL Category Object dialog displays. In this example, the Add Request URL Category Object is named Sports Access.
  • Expand the list of categories for your content filter database from the Categories list.

5. Select the categories to block and click OK.

6. Set the time to block access to the category:

  • Select the Time column, right click and select Set. The Set Time Object dialog displays.
  • Select New > Time in the Set Time Object dialog. The Add Time Object dialog displays.

7. Configure the Time Object:

  • Select the Time Zone and Enable options. Add the time interval that you wish to restrict access to sports. This example restricts access between midnight and noon.
  • Repeat Steps b and c above to restrict access between 1:05 pm and 7pm.

8. Create a Time Combined Object:

  • Select New > Combined Time Object in the Set Time Object.
  • Create a Combined Time Object to add both time intervals (Time1 and Time2) in one rule.
  • Click OK.

9. Set the action to restrict access. In the Action column, right click and select Deny or Deny Content Filter.

The Deny action, denies the user access without providing an explanation for the denial of the requested content. And the Deny Content Filter action, denies the user access to the requested content and describes that the request was denied because it belongs to a category blocked by organizational policy.

Please take care that active connection will not be drop exactly at time end. At time end, ProxySG will apply the rule specified to new session requests and will wait the expiration timeout for the active ones.

Is not possible to force ProxySG to take action on active sessions.