Secure Web Gateway Virtual Appliance denies all connections with license_suspended exception message before the seven-day grace period ends


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Asset Management Solution SWG VA-100


Clients going through the proxy receive an exception page with the following error:

Access Denied (license_suspended) 

Your request is not permitted: "The Blue Coat SG appliance license is suspended. Cannot communicate with License Validation server. The license has been temporarily disabled because this appliance cannot successfully communicate with the Blue Coat license validation server. A communication channel to the validation server must be allowed at all times in order to keep the license on this appliance enabled. 

This error occurs soon after the appliance is active (about three hours). This error should occur only after seven days of being unable to reach the licensing server. For more information on the licensing server, refer to KB article 000013259.


A known issue in SGOS versions prior to causes the proxy to wait three hours instead of seven days before returning the license_suspended exception.


Upgrade to SGOS or later. (A later version is recommended.)