EEM very slow and not showing User Stores
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EEM very slow and not showing User Stores


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We configured EEM to use multiple Active Directory user stores.  After adding two successfully, EEM resolved users without issue.  After adding two more the EEM application became extremely slow and we could no longer view any user data or see the user store settings.


Product: Embedded Entitlements Manager 12.5xPlatform: Any


One or more of the user store settings had been set incorrectly.

Also there were some port/host resolution issues between the EEM host and the Active Directory servers that the network team needed to resolve.

Once those were corrected EEM was able to bind to all four of the Active Directory user stores.


In the event the EEM UI will not display the user store settings so one may modify them contact CA support.

Support can walk a user thru backing up the existing server.xml file and then modify the original to remove bad LDAP definitions.

The file can then be saved and EEM restarted to get it back into internal user store mode.


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