Hosting a local database on Management Center


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Management Center


The local database is a useful tool for creating personalized categories, especially when the number of urls is large and or needs to be managed by a different team other than the one that manages the ProxySGs. For more information on how to create a local database see "How to Manage Local Database Filtering

One of the prerequisites for a local database is that it must be stored on a web server that is accessible to the ProxySG, this can be a challenge for some organizations where deploying a web server is not possible. In these cases MC can be leverage to serve the local database.


  1. Create the local database see "How to Manage Local Database Filtering"
  2. Upload the file to MC
    1. From the MC GUI click on Configuration -> Files - Add File
    2. Follow the file upload wizard to import the file into MC
  3. Once the file has been uploaded select the file and click on "Edit"
  4. Change the file type to "Text" and device type to "ProxySG"
  5. Finally click on "Copy URL"
    • By default this url uses HTTPS, this can be changed to HTTP on port 8080, as in the following example

    • for this to work you first need to run the following command from the CLI

      • #security http enable

    • Please note that doing this will allow access to the device over an unencrypted protocol.

Finish the configuration of the ProxySG as explained "How to Manage Local Database Filtering"