Configure Office 365 integration in Web Security Service


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Web Security Service - WSS


How do I get Office 365 traffic to pass through the Web Security Service (WSS)?


Web Security Service


  1. Log into your account
  2. Select Policy > TLS/SSL Interception

  3. On the G2 rule Verdict click the Edit icon (pencil)
    • to disable Office 365 interception select the verdict "Do Not Intercept" 
    • to enable Office 365 interception select Verdict "Intercept"
  4. Click "Save rule" Once you have made your selection
  5. Click on Activate after selecting the option needed

Note: These are global policy options. The changes apply to all Office 365 connections regardless of the default policies that are described in the previous sections.

In the case this solution doesn't fix the issue, please reference Office 365 URLs and IP address ranges.
This article provides the IPs and domains currently updated by Microsoft.