Collect the SSL Session Logs using the SSL Visibility GUI or SSH


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The purpose of this article is to provide the steps required to collect the SSL Session logs from an SSL Visibility appliance.


Through the Web GUI

Log in to the GUI and select SSL Session Log on the Monitor Menu. 

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You will see a table where the SSL Flows are registered:

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Clicking the button in the top right corner of the table User-added image will open a new window with the dates that you want to export the SSL sessions.

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Click export and that will take you to a download window where you can select the Folder to which you want to download the file.

Through an SSH or Telnet session

Type “session log export start YYYY-MM-DD end YYYY-MM-DD”

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After the Files are generated you will see a 100% complete

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The results will be available for download via any SCP on Linux or with Putty SCP (PSCP.exe) or any other SCP program in windows that does not use the same protocols as WinSCP.

You download the results by copying the commands and substituting for <user>@<appliance> in the commands with the username and the Host of the SSL Visibility appliance, for example:

Using Linux or Cygwin, change:

scp <user>@<appliance>:ssl_session_log-2915450072-20170317T164839.tgz ssl_session_log-2915450072-20170317T164839.tgz
to something like this:

scp [email protected]:ssl_session_log-2915450072-20170317T164839.tgz ssl_session_log-2915450072-20170317T164839.tgz

Similarly, for windows environments using Putty SCP(PSCP.EXE):

pscp.exe -scp <user>@<appliance>:ssl_session_log-2915450072-20170317T182253.tgz ssl_session_log-2915450072-20170317T182253.tgz
pscp.exe -
scp [email protected]:ssl_session_log-2915450072-20170317T182253.tgz ssl_session_log-2915450072-20170317T182253.tgz

Here is a link to PSCP.exe to download if needed: 32-bits or 64-Bits