Unable to Delete or Modify Local Content Filter Database in ProxySG Visual Policy Manager


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS


Why can't the URL list for a local database using the Visual Policy Manager (VPM) be updated when it is hosted on an external or centralized HTTP Server? Attempts to update the local content-filter database in the policy find the options to Add, Rename, Remove, or Edit URLs disabled/grayed out :

the option is greyed out, highlighted in red


There are 2 types of local database in ProxySG / ASG.

1) Local content-filter database created using VPM policy
2) Local content-filter database hosted on an external HTTP or FTP server


There are two solutions to consider for this issue:

  1. The local content-filter database which has been created using VPM policy can be edited using VPM policy
  2. It is not possible to edit a local database which is hosted externally using Visual Policy Manager since the database itself is hosted on an external / centralized HTTP Server. In this scenario, the best way to update the list is to access the file directly on the external server and modify the content. Once the database content is updated on the remote server, perform the database update on the ProxySG (Configuration > Content Filtering > Local Database > Download Now). Once the update installs the new list, verify the results using View Database Source.