Configuring iDRAC on Security Analytics


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Security Analytics


This allows the use of the virtual console on the SA eth0, (LOM4 port) without using Java.


The port to use for iDRAC can be linked to the eth0 port, thus using the same cable and port for both iDRAC and the SA management port.
The virtual console can now be used without using Java.  This simplifies desktop configuration.  Do not forget to allow pop-ups within your browser.  While you are there, you need to set the keyboard attach state to attach it full time.

The three changes are:
  1. iDRAC Port - In iDRAC Settings -> Network, the NIC Selection has been set to use LOM4.  This is eth0 in SA.
  2. Virtual Console Type - In Server -> Virtual Console set Plug-in Type to HTML5 to avoid using Java as the virtual console
  3. Keyboard Attach State – In Server -> Virtual Console set Keyboard/Mouse Attach State to Attached.