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Reporter VA RP-V200 are indicating Disk Storage size as 6.95TByte instead of 8TBbyte


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The OVF file disk capacity allocates 8TB of disk size.

Disk ovf:capacity="8192" ovf:capacityAllocationUnits="byte * 2^30" = 8,796,093,022,208 byte

Why does the Reporter Management Console display Disk Storage 6.95 TB in System Overview > SYSTEM DIAGNOSTICS > System Resources > Disk Storage?

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This is expected behavior for Reporter VA RP-V200.
The 8 TB disk is separate as below.
  1. Reporter base OS and Reporter Application
  2. Backup and Diagnostic
In the separate disk, Reporter calculates usable 7,641,530,286,080 bytes as the usable disk size.
You can confirm that value from alert_resources.cfg of resource 0.

Reporter Management Console: System Overview > SYSTEM DIAGNOSTICS > System Resources > Disk Storage transfer byte to TBbyte as binary format.

7,641,530,286,080 byte = 6.95 TByte